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We service all of Los Angeles County, Including the San Fernando Valley.

When you are facing water damage in the Los Angeles area it can really take a tool on your lively hood or your business. You need a company that understands that you need to get back on track fast. With the many ins and outs of water restoration you need to make sure that you hire a company that is licensed and bonded minimally, but you also need a company that has the expertise to restore your place back to its original form. These are the main reasons you should hire American Restoration.

You can have just a broken pipe, a lose hose on a washing machine or major damage from storm we can get the job done for you. We use only top-quality equipment to make sure your home are business gets dry fast. We perform full mold remediation and can take care of sewage backups. Our years of experience and top of the line equipment is the difference makers and the reason why American Way Restoration is one of the top water remediation companies in Los Angeles.

Do you have a broken pipe, is your washing machine leaking water all over the house? our water damage cleanup service will take care of you.

We can repair the entire house so that it looks like new including furniture. Our repair men have been in the industry an average of 10-15 years

Water damage in Los Angeles can become a huge problem if people do not take the time and effort to hire the proper company to clean up the potential long tern effects.

We offer 24 hour emergency service in the Los Angeles and Orange County area.

A burst pipe can happen at any time. When it does it can cause major damage to your walls and our property in your home or office.

We can us our high tech methods to extract water form your home or office fast and within your budget. We can also make sure that all surfaces are dry so that mold does not grow.

We specialize in basement flooding cleanup. We not only make-sure that every drop of water is extracted form your basement we make sure that the water under the slab is completely dry and safe.

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American Way Restoration is the go-to authority for water damage and mold removal in LA and surrounding communities. Practically every house or business will suffer from some form of fire and water damage at some point, and it truly is essential to know who’s going to remedy the problem on your home or business when the situation occurs. This type of problem is significant, even when a flood or spill seems minor, long-term challenges like mold can surface if not adequately remediation. American Way Restoration is here to make certain that your property is treated promptly and effectively.

Fire and water damage restoration companies in Los Angeles can sometimes be uninsured and untrained to take on the challenges faced if a major flood occurs. If not dealt with properly water harm is such a threat and is capability to continue causing harm and wreaking havoc if to stay standing in walls, under the slab or floors. Water can also damage electrical systems, under the threat of injury or death if light switches or electrical appliances are activated.

Water damage may very well be specifically hazardous if it truly is because of sewage backup or failure. Sewage is classified as Category 3 Water or black water, which indicates that it can be heavily contaminated at the source and might result in severe discomfort or illness if exposed to or ingested by humans or animals. This type of water harm generally calls for specialized restoration services due to the presence of bacteria, fungi, parasites along with other contaminants.

American Way Restoration is certified in all cities in the Los Angeles area of the water damage restoration market, and we are able to manage even the biggest circumstances of water or sewage damage. This includes removing the water, drying anything out, and disinfecting all affected surfaces to make property protected for habitation. Our technicians will treat your home or business with all the right respect and care, bringing the newest restoration methods and technology.