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Fire Restoration Options

If you've ever had a fire in your home, you know the extent of the damage and how hard it is to repair. Aside from the mental and emotional pain, you also have to take care of everything that has been destroyed or damaged. Here are a couple kinds of damage and how to fix [...]

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Water Extraction

Water Extraction Water extraction is an important part of flood or water damage recovery. Flooded areas or standing water inside a house may do much worse than simple structural damage. Standing water as well as moisture is a nasty breeding ground for spores of toxic mold that may even go airborne, affecting people in your [...]

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Top Three Types of Smoke Found in House Fires

A house fire is always a terrifying and destructive experience, but the amount and type of remediation required afterward can vary widely depending on how and where the fire got started, what materials it burned, and how much oxygen was available. These are the basic factors that determine whether a fire flourishes or whether it [...]

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